Ayrshire Wica is now offering basic lessons in Wicca, via the Internet.  .


We’ll be walking together on your quest for answers.  While I cannot guarantee that Wicca holds your answers, I can assure you that I will share my perspective of Wicca as clearly and as completely as I am able.  Only you can determine if these answers are those which you seek.

For many, Wicca is a religion, philosophy and way of life.  As a religion, it fits our inner beliefs on spirituality.  As a philosophy, it provides our path for personal growth and idealism.  As a way of life, it is reflected in our day-to-day living.

Many Wiccans find the role of religion in their lives to be one of personal expression.  Wiccans generally view religion as a chosen embrace of divinity, not as an involuntary subservience to a feared god.

Wicca is largely centered on the Wiccan Goddess and God who serve as a reflection of the balance and harmony of nature.  The Goddess and God are seen as equally warm and loving with no hatred, judgement, disapproval or rejection.  They are not perceived as being outside of us but rather within us and manifest in all things.

While many religions have restrictive dogma that reduces empowerment and personal involvement, Wiccan teaching places the practitioner in a position of empowered freedom regarding both life and spirituality.  Keep in mind that freedom is never without price.  In Wicca, both freedom and responsibility are emphasized.

Wicca stresses that we take the responsibility of choosing our own actions wisely.  Wicca holds no regard for divine predestination or interference by a devil.  We have no one to blame other than ourselves.  Our lives are in our own control and are our own responsibility.

Wicca makes no claim to be the one true path to divinity.  For this very reason, Wicca does not recruit new members.  You won’t find us knocking on doors handing out pamphlets.  Instead Wicca stands on the sidelines letting people make the free will choice to actively seek it out.

Wicca is a religion of diversity.  Wiccan traditions are as different from each other as they are alike.  If you chose Wicca as your path, at some point you will have the opportunity to explore this diversity.  Your quest will then be to find, or even create, a tradition that fits you personally.

Wicca is a religion of nature.  As such, Wicca sees the subject of sex to be natural and not something to be swept aside or regarded as evil.  In Wicca, sexuality is regarded as part of the natural processes to perpetuate life, certainly nothing to be embarrassed or disgusted by.

Magick as practiced within Wicca is the art of causing change according to the will.  Wiccans do not regard magickal abilities as supernatural, but rather as a natural partnership of energies that, when harmonized, can bring about change.

Wiccan magick is not limited to causing change in the world.  It is also very significant to people who seek change in themselves.  Magick for self-improvement helps us develop into the people that we desire to be.

In short, Wicca teaches us to live in a world where nature is sacred and magickal.  Wicca gives us an opportunity to discover, develop and utilize our natural talents.  Wicca accepts us for who we are without telling us who we should be.  Wicca empowers us with freedom and teaches us to use it responsibly.  Wicca embodies a path to the divine.  Certainly not the only path, but rather an alternative to be freely explored.


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