Getting Started



This section applies to Reformed Traditional Wicca and Eclectic Wicca only.  The Orthodox Traditional Wicca traditions teach that the only way to become a Wiccan is through formal training and coven initiation.

I am often asked, “How do I become a Wiccan?”

Getting started in Wicca isn’t like getting started in Christianity.  In Christianity, the majority of practice is done at church; hence to become an active Christian, one goes to church.

Wicca is nothing like that.  The vast majority of Wiccans practice as solitaries in their own homes.  This leaves the responsibility on the individual to orchestrate their own education and initiation into Wicca.

Getting started in Wicca boils down to two steps:

1. Learn it, 2. Live it.

If you wish to be a Wiccan, then simply “be a Wiccan”.  Of course when you first start, you don’t know how to be a Wiccan so you have to learn the basics as you go.

Dedication The first step in Wiccan practice is ‘Dedication’.  Dedication is a ritual where a person dedicates him or herself to beginning the practice of Wicca.  The title of a person on this level is ‘dedicant’.

In Orthodox Traditional Wicca, there are commonly four levels of practice, dedicant then 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree initiate.  1st degree initiation takes a minimum of a year and a day study as a dedicant.  On completion of training, one is initiated into the coven by the High Priestess.

As a solitary in reformed practice, the process is similar although there is no teacher or High Priestess.  One dedicates, studies and eventually initiates into Wicca completely on his or her own. We feel that the real determination of status is done by how people practice Wicca and how they live their lives.

I have heard some interesting stories about dedication rituals.  In one case, a woman sat outside wrapped only in a blanket and watched the moon shining brightly overhead.  She was deeply moved by the experience and considered it a turning point in her life.

In another, a person stretched out on the living room floor and said “okay I’m here, visit me” and had a strong psychic experience with divinity.  The result was a seriously motivated dedicant.

How you choose to dedicate is up to you.  The essential element is you making the conscious decision to begin study eventually leading to initiation.  Dedication ritual often includes an evocation (calling into the room with you) or an invocation (calling into yourself) of the Goddess and God through meditation.

As for the details; ask yourself what kind of ritual is appropriate for you to signify the commitment to a religion and the eventual transformation that will follow.  If you have friends in Wicca, ask them about their dedication ritual.


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