All About

All about Ayrshire Wica.

An Initiatory Craft with lineage and a forward perspective on the future of Paganism and Spirituality. 

Basic Gardnerian Wica has its own depth of spirituality, to speak of, so to move on and guide members to their true potential, Ayrshire Wica (AW) has added to its basic teachings. I am to presume members have learnt the basics of Wicca 101, but if not, lessons are available from AW through the following site:  These lessons do not constitute Initiation but will be used as the first step along the path.

Lessons will then follow to cover our path of enlightenment through reading, writing, craft work, meditation, introspection, and good works in the community at home and abroad. This is a life changing course of instruction which will mean a life-time of commitment. Those who become High Priests and Priestesses will have earned those titles.



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