Ayrshire Wica

Gerald B Gardner

Gerald B Gardner

Gerald B Gardner

Wica in Ayrshire was origionally started during the 1960′s when Charles Clark was initiated into The Wica of Gerald B. Gardner. For moreinformation please read my fellow priestess’web site at:www.thewica.co.uk

In 1992 there was a meeting between John Upton and Charles Clark and myself, and Ayrshire Wica was born.

Charles Clark

Charles Clarke

Charles Clarke

The coven was run strictly on the rules of Gardnerian Wica and many were taught initiated and some hived off to form their own groups or work solitary. All members had to hand copy the ‘Gardnerian book of Shadows’ as produced by Gerald and Doreen Valiente in the 1950′s. It was revised again in the 1960′s & 70′s.  Anything else we learned or had an interest in was put in a separate book. In all the coven produced 13 volumes including the BOS.

John D Upton

John D Upton

John D Upton

John Upton – the coven High Priest worked as an Artist and the volumes are ornately decorated and the texthand written.  Sadly our two other High Priests Charles Clark and David died leaving just one 2nd Degree and one 1st Degree Priest still with us. For a coven to work well it is important for the HP & HP’s to work well together and both be working towards the same goal. Sadly many covens disband when there is a split of some kind between the HP & HP’s.


I am a member of the Fellowship Of Isis and run an Iseum for that fund raises forWomen and Children who have suffered abuse or live and work on the streets.


As an Iseum we also lobby theHouse of Lords & Parliament in order to change laws and support abused women. We have a list of Members of Parliament & Counselors who also support our cause.  I took an interest in Reiki and went through attunement for Usui Reiki, Kundalini Reiki and some other healing modalities. I felt something was missing and devised Dakini Reiki which I used to work with women who are also undergoing Counselling and Psychotherapy. Using an hour of Talk Therapy coupled with Dakini Reiki can greatly improve their mental and physical beings.


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